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En-Kaku Project

Meditation, Zen and Yoga

In the Tradition of Trevor Leggett
 The En-Kaku Project

The En-Kaku Project is a division of the Charity Youth Support which is devoted to the philosophy of healing the ‘inner self’.

In our therapy and support programmes we have always stressed the importance of ‘Body and Spirit’

En-Kaku means perfect realisation.  We aim to use the principles of Zen and Yoga meditation as taught by the late Trevor Leggett.  Many of you will already have attended our relaxation and meditation sessions held at Youth Support House and at our conferences. We have also held a series of Zen sessions titled ‘in the footsteps of Trevor Leggett’.

Our Media division Dial-Media produced the documentary about Trevor Leggett ‘A Man of the Ways’ which held a BAFTA premiere on 21st June last year to mark Trevor Leggett’s centenary.

Currently we have two centres where retreats and workshops can be held – at En-Kaku on the south coast of Jamaica and a farmhouse in central Italy.

 We will be organising events in the UK too and concentrate on promoting Trevor Leggett’s work , producing further media productions in terms of film and audio and editing some of his written works.  We also encourage students to research some of his translations and aim to manage a bursary to enable a PhD or similar study.