The Voice of Youth project aims to provide an online platform for Young People in Britain to enable youth from differing ethnic backgrounds and varying abilities to produce news and information about British society and to engage with the media.

Throughout the project, youth will be supported by professional journalists, to create and produce content addressing social issues and they will be taught new skills that will enable them to showcase their talents, using a variety of the latest media approaches including attendance at social community events.

Britain has a young population with just under 13%  of the population being in the second decade and over 8 Million of these Young people live in London.

Many of these young people are disenfranchised and ‘alienated’ from mainline society. They may be deprived, poor or abused and, often as a consequence, will be falling behind in education and be missed out in employment stakes.

Poor communication and frustration can lead to violence – better channelled to comment on air. Voice of Youth Leader Omar Richards provides air time for marginalised young people enabling them to become productive members of their communities.